you know what i always thought was kinda neat

when gay couples raise children and you have to pick something other than dad or mom for the kid to call you

because obviously dad and dad or mom and mom is rly confusing for all parties

can i make my future kids call me something really cool and my wife can be “mom”

can i be like megatron

"mommy’s busy go ask megatron"



the full set! I’m kind of happy with it but I’m more happy that I finally managed to produce a matching complete set





holly shit.


I’m not an artist and I jizzed myself.

If you get this for an artist, it’s pretty much a guarantee you’ll get laid that night.

tag your porn


my sister asked me to make gijinkas of reese and cyrus so she and her boyfriend can cosplay them. and well i did it; she asked for a lot of ruffles


single and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive

“Then we come to that ending and that lie and that okay and what does that okay mean? It’s definitely not a complacent ‘yeah, I’ll go along with you’, in fact, it’s the opposite. It’s Ellie waking up for the first time, waking up and realizing she can’t rely on him anymore. While she loves him for what he’s done for her, she hates him for robbing her of that choice. She knows that she has to leave him and make her own decisions and mistakes.” (x)

Thick Skeleton Skull